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Travincial Shop - PhpBB Store with Caramel: Virtual Cash

July 18th, 2016, 12:38 pm

Travincial Shop

I have decided to give the code out for the Market. I hope every enjoys.


Extension Name:Travincial Shop - PhpBB Store (DK SHOP (Diablo Kingdom Shop) AKA TRAVINCIAL SHOP) with Caramel: Virtual Cash

Extension Description: This extension works with Caramel: Virtual Cash. It is intended on allowing users to buy items from other users using Caramel cash.

I personally spent a lot of money on this extension and feel as though the community deserves this as many people would really appreciate it.

If you would like to donate to me my paypal is [email protected] - You may also sign up on my website and click donate at the top or donate anonymously to my website.

My community is called the Travincial and was previously known as Diablo Kingdom. (Hence DK Shop). Thank you once again phpBB for all the great support and all of the developers that have made my community possible.

Extension Version: 1.0.0

Requirements: phpBB 3.1.x


  • Add Games that you want to sell your items for.
  • Add Servers for the games. (Such as USEast Ladder for Diablo II)
  • Add Item Qualities (for rare, unique, normal, etc)
  • Add Item Types such as Sword, Spear, Wand, etc.
  • Adding the Item itself and choosing it's type, quality, server and game that is under.

The market allows all items in the database to be viewed.

Personal Store

The personal shop allows users to see only the items sold by a unique user.


The user is allowed to choose the Server under the desired game.

They can then add an item and user the Item Search to find the item (sensitive). Then when the item is entered an auto description is filled in the "Description" box. The user then can choose how many items they are selling.

Once added to the inventory the user can then change how much cash the item is selling for. Once they have added a desired number they can click "add" and it is then added to their personal shop and the Market.


Admin's have the authority to set TRUSTED on personal shops so that users can be identified as "trusted" sellers.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Demo URL:
Demo Username: None. Signup if you would like to demo.
Extension Download:
Willing to help users rush on USEast ladder/non-ladder.
Complaints VIA Private Message will be ignored. Please use the support forum to do so.

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